Action Plan Committee

This past week, a select group 28 community, students, business owners, parents, local government and school personnel came together for three days to write the initial parts of a strategic plan. Simply stated the work that was accomplished rivals anything I have ever been a part of. 

Collectively, we answered one question... Why does GISD exist? The most important reason, maybe the only critical reason that an organization needs a strategic plan is to clarify intent or purpose; not where we are going or how we are getting there, but "WHY DO WE EXIST?" I truly believe, GISD can take this initial plan and build tangible action steps to ensure progress can be measured. 

Please see the attached draft of the GISD Strategic Plan. If you would like to be a part of the Action Planning Team, please click the hyperlink below to sign up for a specific strategy that interest you. We hope to see you on an action team. 


To be a part of the Action Plan Committee (please select the hyperlink below)

To see the first draft of the Strategic Plan (please select the attached PDF)

Strategic Plan - Draft (2-13-17).pdf



Eric Penrod

GISD Superintendent