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Healthy High School Challenge

The Healthy High School National Challenge is an exciting event designed to reinforce the importance of making healthy food choices to our students, while building ongoing excitement around your foodservice program. High school programs managed by Sodexo around the country will try to out-perform each other by earning points for served balanced plate meals and healthy a la carte snacks and beverages. The more meals, healthy snacks and beverages a school serves, the more points it will earn toward winning the challenge and the Top Prize of $5,000.

The objective is to further the nutrition education of high school students through a national

challenge that plays off of their competitive spirit by encouraging them to make healthy food choices in order to earn points for their school.

The Healthy High School Challenge runs for five weeks in the month of October and in that five week period Gatesville High School was never lower that fourth place. Sharon Woodlock has also created a “Spirit Video” with the possibility of winning another $1000.00. Please watch the above video.


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