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Mission Statement 
Gatesville ISD is devoutly committed to all children in our increasingly diverse community and will demonstrate this commitment by ensuring that all our children receive a quality education in a positive, successful environment with an emphasis on the latest technology; by building a healthy self-esteem in all our children; by establishing a caring, trusting, and cooperative relationship with our parents and our community; and by hiring and retaining top quality educators who eagerly accept the responsibility for producing high academic achievement. 

Vision Statement 
In a constantly changing world, the educational needs of students must evolve to meet the challenges presented. Education is being redefined by the instantaneous availability of global resources. With technology, Gatesville Independent School District has a vehicle that provides students with avenues for discovery and exploration into relationships and concepts, a way to promote curiosity, and an open window to the universe. Use of technology in the Gatesville Schools will have a positive impact on preparing students for their productive roles in society. 

The Gatesville Independent School District realizes the relevancy of technology and believes it to be an effective tool. Its utility can be applied to the instructional, administrative, and community aspects of the school system. Through direct support of classroom and instructional management, technology can improve student achievement, productivity, and enhance the changing role of teachers to facilitators of knowledge. Functions within the Gatesville Independent School District such as budget management, business information management, PEIMS data handling, and student information management can readily be supported and augmented through the application of technology. The purpose of this plan is to achieve the greatest desired results in the most cost effective way without undue hardship to students, teachers or the Gatesville Independent School District.