Facility Use » School Facilities Rental Policy

School Facilities Rental Policy

In establishing a policy for renting school buildings and facilities, Gatesville ISD is
stating that school buildings and facilities will be made available to groups that wish to
conduct activities that promote and foster the interest of pupils and the public and
promote the efficient use of school facilities, so long as such activities do not conflict
with school programs.
General Guidelines
1. No activity will be allowed that violates the penal provisions of Chapter 4 of
the Texas Education Code.
2. Only authorized personnel will be permitted to have keys.
3. Fees for custodial overtime will be paid by the group.
4. All groups shall comply with board regulations for facilities use. Any group
that does not comply will be denied access to school facilities.
5. Damages to property shall be paid by using group; misuse of equipment or
facilities shall result in immediate denial for further use. Availability of
equipment will be determined by the building principal.
6. Classrooms may be rented based on availability, with the exception of
specialized classrooms. Availability will be determined by the building
7. Facilities shall not be made available to any commercial group for profit.
8. Facilities may be rented by occasion or on a long term basis.
9. Requests shall be denied if the time and place of requested use would interfere
with instruction or other scheduled school activities.
10. Long-term agreements will not exceed one (1) calendar year and will be
reviewed every ninety (90) days by the school board.
11. Gatesville ISD reserves the right to cancel any rental agreement with a thirty-
(30) day notice.
Fees for use shall be assessed in accordance with the fee schedule approved by the board.
The district will determine the number of hours needed in advance to heat or cool the area
rented. Fees are based on an hourly rate.
The Superintendent may authorize the use of school facilities in case of emergencies or
Proof of insurance must be verified prior to rental of facilities.
This policy does not apply to UIL and other extra- or co-curricular activities.