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Curriculum & Instructional Goals

  •  Develop and implement a real-world, engaging, innovative, and rigorous curriculum that will optimize relevant learning.

  • Develop a curriculum management plan that outlines the district’s philosophy, expectations, and processes for curriculum, instruction, and assessment - a framework for alignment of the written, taught, and tested curriculum.

  • Implement and maintain integrated, district-wide professional development that ensures teachers infuse rigor and relevance with a research-based best practice that leads to increased student performance.

  • Define and clarify the purpose and layers of assessments to guide instruction and remediation.

  • Create a district-wide, research-based, clearly defined RTI process.

  • Ensure that Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) will be high-impact, clear, and effective.

GISD instructional coaches receive quality training from Steve Barkley, Diane Sweeney, and Joellen Killion this summer.
Steve Barkley
Diane Sweeney
Joellen Killion