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GISD District Goals

2019-2020 District - Board Goals (Approved 8-29-19)

  1. Safety, Discipline, & Attendance: GISD will put students first and continue to improve its facilities and processes to keep students safe, while improving discipline and attendance procedures to reduce misbehavior and truancy.
  2. Literacy: GISD will strive to have every student reading and writing proficiently through the use of guided reading strategies, more writing activities in classrooms, and more one-on-one writing conferences between student and teacher.
  3. Curriculum, Technology, & Professional Development: GISD will follow an aligned curriculum, provide our teachers with quality professional development, and continue to invest in technology devices for our students in an effort to ensure that our students are becoming increasingly successful under the current accountability system.
  4. Finances & Facilities: GISD will operate under a balanced budget, spend taxpayer dollars wisely, and direct money toward the fund balance when possible, while ensuring that our school buildings remain in good working condition.
  5. People-Focused: GISD will provide social-emotional services for our students, offer a wide variety of courses such as Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes, and invest in our employees in order to improve retention.