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Food Allergy Policy and Form

Dear Parent:
Attached below is our Food Allergy Disclosure Form, which complies with all of the requirements of House Bill 472.  Texas school districts are required to provide a food allergy disclosure form to all students upon their enrollment.  This form should be placed with each student's educational record.  The information may be disclosed to teachers, school counselors, school nurses, cafeteria staff, and other appropriate school personnel who have a legitimate educational interest, in accourdance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  For more information on FERPA and student records, please refer to your FL(LEGAL) and FL(LOCAL) policies.
Please note that this form should NOT be placed in the student's health record.  Only documentation from the student's physician of the student's food allergies should be placed in the student's health record.  However, the school nurse may enter notes about the student's possible food allergies in the student's health records, including adding a notation that the parent has notified the school district of the possible food allergy.
Additionally, please be aware that the district's receipt of information regarding a student's food allergies may trigger the need for an evaluation under Section 504.  The information provided in this form may give the district a reason to suspect that a student has a disability that substantially impairs a mafor life activity (for example, the major life activity of eating).