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Transition and Employment



The goal of transition planning and services is to graduate students that can move on and have a viable and meaningful life regardless of disability.  Our vision is to work with the student, family and staff to develop a plan that transitions successfully.  Students need to develop skills for their futures, that is not just academic, but functional as well.


It’s important that as soon as your child has been identified, that as a parent you start looking at what you want for them as they grow and develop.  A parent can help carry out this vision by being interactive with the ARD committee and speaking to the specialized development of their student’s education/transition plan.    


As student reach Junior High, assessments can be used to help plan with student transition.  These transition plans can be used in high school vocational classes and through their individualized learning plans to start focusing on employment skills.  As a student progresses through our transition system, the data may show a need for additional transition services via our 18+ program. 





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